Monday, March 05, 2007

Only 3 games?!?!?

I can't help but think that if the NHL was serious about headshots and headhunting, they would have thrown the book at uber-goon Cam Jannsens for his ugly cheap shot on Toronto's Tomas Kabarle, which saw and elbow to Tomas's head, and then Tomas flying head-first into the boards.

First of all, I have an issue with the concept of "finishing your check". What is that? A guy passes the puck and you get 2-3 seconds to hit him??? It should not be like that. It should be immediate, and that is one way to cut back on injuries and rough play.

As for the instigator? Forget it. There should be no fighting in hockey anymore, period. Now it's just 2 goons in a staged fight. I'd rather see a nifty play or a great goal instead of a stupid fight between the same guys. Yawn. BORING.

I actually love the new NHL - not yet sold on the shootout. If it's got to be there, then make it 5 shooters. I hated the clutch and grab NHL and I stopped watching games. Now with the new rules and salary cap, I can't get enough. It's fun again.

So back to Cam... I heard New Jersey Devil commentator Glen "Chico" Resch commenting that Kabarle should not have been admiring his pass and that he should have known that Janssens was on the ice. So what does that mean, Chico? That all players should know when Janssens is on the ice so they can watch out for a cheap shot? This guy plays 3 minutes a night. 3 MINUTES. LOL. Kabarle was an all star. The whole thing stinks.

Memo to NHL: Cut the head shots. Hit in the head and your gone for 10. Accident or not. Hurt the guy and your out as long as he is. Oh, and cut out the fighting, let the goons go find another thing to do.


SciFi Dad said...

are you my loving hubby too? ;)

I hear you on the head shots. I found your quote entertaining because we all know how rough and tumble Chico was on the boards AS A GOALIE. Dumbass.

SpeakEasy said...

Ah, what a great reference to Glen "Chico" Resch. I hated him cause he was an Islander, and now I hate him for being a dumbass Devils colour commentator.