Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Some thoughts for a Tuesday

1) Why can the parking police - those glorified meter maids who walk the streets salivating at the thought of giving a dad with 2 young children a ticket because he wants to park closer to the building rather than 3 blocks away - park wherever they want, illegally, without getting ticketed themselves. Fucking hypocrites.

2) Will anyone from the Toronto Maple Leafs take on Cam Janssens tonight when the Leafs play the Devils? Janssens of course is that superstar winger for New Jersey who plays 3 minutes a game and loves to hit skilled players from behind or blindside them, hoping to cause as much injury as possible. If someone does decide to take him on it had better be early, cause he plays 2 shifts a game. Mr. Belak... Can you hear me?

3) I'm going to the Leafs game this Saturday night!!! First one this year and I'm taking my wife and her video iPod. Earlier in the marriage it would have bothered me that she would rather walk the halls than watch the game, but now... I'd rather see 25 minutes of the game and be with her, than go with a buddy or my sister the biggest hockey fan I have ever met, and watch it all.

4) On Saturday the family went to Seedy Saturday and bought some funky-assed organic heirloom vegetable seeds. I cannot wait for spring so I can plant them in the garden. Purple and white carrots - green pear shaped tomatoes, odd looking broccoli... This year I let UrbanMummy pick the goods. I think she did a great job this year.

5) I so want to play hooky and take my family to the zoo. I promised the Happy Boy since we missed out seeing the sloths in Costa Rica a few weeks back.

6) Why wont the Weed sleep more than 3 hours at a time... Doesn't he know how tired hes making Mummy and Daddy? Plus, our school work is falling behind.

7) Speaking of school work... I have a paper due last week, group assignment due Monday, presentation Tuesday, postings to do, then 2 final papers. See, I'm tired already.

8) I noticed that almost no one comments on my blog and I'm okay with that. My 2 regular posters are SciFi Dad and the Sensational Sultry Shroomness herself and they remind me to come read up on their much more interesting blogs. But, hey, even my wife, who got me into blogging and said I wouldn't be able to stay with it for more than a month, doesn't comment - but them again she's REALLY busy now-a-days. I blog for me, and I really like the comments but I don't want people to post because they feel obligated. I like the posts from SciFi Dad telling me that I can't spell (I really can't) my own screen name correctly. LOL. Makes me howl.
So go read these bloggers. You'll find them on the right side of my blog in the list of blogs that I read.

9) 12 Days until WrestleMania 23.

10) I wanted to put in the date of the Jays first game this season but their web-site is so fucked up I couldn't find it, so instead, the NHL season is almost in playoff mode, and the Leafs wont be there. This average team is just the same team that missed the playoffs last year. They are just down one prospect in Bell. I think the day the season ends, Ferguson Jr is gone. This team cannot be expected to compete for anything as long as they have no legitimate scoring besides Mats Sundin. It's sad. Thank goodness the Raptors are doing so well! Go Raps.


Shroom-Monkey said...

ohhh honey bunny, I have been away, you know I would be all over you like butter on a bisquit, but been in London town getting my heart stomped on.... but I am back again..... so gonna blow your blog up with comments and naked pics... ohhhh not really the naked pics, that will be 29.95 for the first with a 6 month subscription at only 7.95 a month....

so ya know.....

SciFi Dad said...

April 2 at Comerica against my Tigers.

can't research worth shit either ;)

(and maybe if you commented on other blogs... cough... you'd get more here... just sayin'...)

Shroom-Monkey said...

well also, I am a fan of smut... so maybe nastify the blog, and i will comment more and wave the naked pics intial payment... still gonna have to cough up the monthly dues, especially for the raunchy ones with the farm animals but worth every penny.... for real....

Haley-O said...

Sometimes I feel sorry for the metre maids. They have to piss people off everyday. At least let them park where they want. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely one to LOATHE the metre maid. But, man, what a brutal job!

SpeakEasy said...

Shroomie - Welcome back. Read your trip highlights. Glad you had fun. Next time, take the kiddies, and meet up with your fellow bloggers. Keep it light. Sounded very stressful for you. As for the naked pics... email those to me. :)

Scifi Dad - I have some cough medicine for you. Sounds like you need it. Did you say "your" Tigers? Poor you. I had no idea. I'm so sorry. I speak highly of your blog, but don't want to leave a lame ass response, like "yeah. I agree".

Shroomie again - I would nastify it but my wife reads this and she'll disown me... or maybe it'll prompt her to comment... Hmmmm. I'll take it into consideration.

Haley - It is a brutal job, but if you consider Avenue Road, for example, peole are scared to park and run into a store because the guy is friggin relentless. He hides in the bushes until you think it's safe to leave you car then he hits you with a $30.00 ticket. Maybe if he lightens up, people will actually shop on the Road.

Laural Dawn said...

I used to read your blog but lost it when I lost all my bookmarks (don't ask).
And then I saw you commenting on Sci-Fi dad so I came back.
But, I do read Urban Mummy ALL the time. If she could add your link ...
It strikes me, though, when I read your blog, how different your writing style is from hers, and if I ever had to guess the married blogging couple I wouldn't guess you guys because you describe everything so differently.
Just a random thought for the day.
Glad I found your blog again and I will re-bookmark you.

SpeakEasy said...

Laural Dawn - Thank you and welcome back.

What you just wrote describes our marriage. We each live the same experiences but she is such an awesome writer that I can read her posts and re-live the incident as if it were happening right in front of my eyes again.

My "writing style" is draft quality, at best. I'll write a post and then she'll read it and ask me why I didn't make it funnier, yet when I write if, it looks funny.