Monday, March 12, 2007

I guess it had to happen sometime...

Poo in the tub.

Last night. First time ever.

You see it was a unexpected event considering the Happy Boy is 26 months old and has never pooped in the tub, and the Weed, now 5 months old, managed to resist the temptation... until last night.

It was like a giant squid inking its enemy. Both boys were in the tub, just finishing off their bath when a brown liquid shot out of the little one towards the bigger one. Both him and I looked at it for what seemed like 5 minutes, and both eventually reacted the same way... horror. The Happy Boy back away from the evil invader and tried to get up in the tub. I surveyed the situation and figured I had mere seconds before my son was engulfed (that and I'd have to bathe him again after cleaning out the tub) so I leaned over and plucked him out of the tub.

Like calling for help, I leaned in for the little one, now making sure the bath water was all brown, and yanked him out of the water while yelling for Mummy to come help. Behind me a cold boy standing naked, wet, shivering and on the verge of tears.

In came Urban Mummy and she got the situation under control by towelling off the Happy Boy, directing me on how to clean and clean the tub and asking me if it really was fair to have the baby hanging under my arm, near the tub, also cold and wet. Oops.

I cleared out the tub, got the water from the tap nice and warm, then hosed off the Weed and left the bathroom to write this post. Maybe March 11th will forever be known as brown water day in the Speakeasy household.

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Angela said...

Is that anything like the time you told me you pooped in your pants during lunch? You said it was dribbling down your thigh...