Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Canada Day

Hope all Canadians, and friends of Canadians everywhere got a chance to go out and celebrate Canada Day today as we did.

We went to Downsview Park for their "free" Canada Day celebrations. Yawn.

The web-site stated that things got rolling at 11am, when in fact the did at 10am. Not that it made much of a difference, but when you are awaken but happy boy at 6am, from his cries of OOO-EEEEEEEEE, for the crazy kitten, you want to get moving ASAP.

We got there just past 11am, all of us dressed in our red t-shirts and beige shorts, and had to pay $5.00 for parking. Had we known better we would have parked near the food building and not the midway, for free, and walked the extra 200 feet. They never told us about that. Anyways, the happy boy was too small for almost all the rides on the midway, and we were not paying $5.00 for a 2 minute spin on a train ride, so we headed over to the kids area. One the main stage was a children's group called Judy and David, I believe. They were fun. Happy boy danced to their music and sometimes he would make the motions they wanted the kids to make, but when there was no music he went nuts banging his head up and down to the hard rock music playing at the bar, behind the stage. I swear he likes that more. GOOD BOY!!! Looks like playing Rob Zombie for him is paying off. :)

We also made our way to where there was supposed to be a petting zoo, but it was not there "yet", although no one really knew where is was, or where is was supposed to be. Disappointing. Also disappointing was the craft area where all the kids were playing with clay - happy boy, again too young. So as it got hotter, we headed back to the car, the air conditioning and back home for Urban Mummy's own strawberry yogurt popsicles, and naps for all (except me - who blew up a pool for happy boy after his nap).

All in all, it was good to get out. Getting a lot of work / cleaning done in the house right now for Monday as we are having an impromptu potluck BBQ for friends and their kiddies. Love long weekends!!!


Shroom-Monkey said...

Good thing you missed the petting zoo- those things are pure evil. Evil I tell you. One time at the petting zoo I got bit by a donkey! A donkey bit me! It was crazy, and painful! The next hour I was eating corn on the cob and a yellow jacket landed on my corn on the cob and I bit him so he bit me back- inside my mouth. My entire head swelled up to gigantic porportions! It was crazy. And that is why I hate the Petting Zoo. By Shroom Monkey

Angela said...

I'm really impressed, kudos for planning such a wonderful anniversary!

Congrats to you and UrbanMummy! May you share infinite years of wedded bliss!

SpeakEasy said...

Poor Shroom... I am assuming that a yellow jacket is a bug... a "Hotlanta" species?? Up here in Canada, we get bit all the time by beavers.


And thank you, Superfreak, for the very kind sentiment, eventhough I know you don't mean it. lol.