Monday, July 10, 2006

Nice weekend before the week from hell begins

I don't know where to begin. Maybe Thursday. After I posted my Thursday 13, I somehow managed to screw up my HTML coding and as a result, sent the layout of my blog spiraling into disarray and I don't even know how to fix it. I asked UrbanMummy for her thoughts (she is awesome with computers but HATED that I referred to her as a cyber geek, but I cannot think of a better term to describe someone who knows as much as she does, or enjoys computers as much as she does) and she basically said, "Yup. Your blog is fucked". Whew. No shit, Sherlock. But I knew she wouldn't have time to fix it for me. She's really busy. Well, she's always really busy. So I asked super freak, from Angela's Magic Carpet Ride and she responded in pretty much the same manner. I know, she will be able to help me out of this mess. One day. If she ever comes back to work. So every time I look at my blog, I worry that my 3 regular readers will think I know nothing about HTML, well that would be right! So there!

The rest of Thursday was spent selling our scrapbooking supplies (embellishments mostly)from our home-based online business at a warehouse sale of one of our suppliers. Didn't make much money at all over the 4 days, but the networking was GREAT. Loads of potential. Fortunately, I was "ill" that day and had time off work to attend the sale. My first sick day in a long time! On Friday and Saturday we had another store managing our goods for us.

Friday is always busy because after work we have my mother and sister over for Friday night dinner. UrbanMummy went all out and had this awesome BBQ meal set up for me to cook including tons of fresh veggies and burgers. Actually, the Happy Boy had his first sampling of beef burgers and at 18 months, ate almost 1/4 burger, if memory serves me right. That made me very happy. After dinner Urban Mummy and I went to the bedroom and proceeded to get cracking on our homework. Sigh. I have a case study, quiz, assignment and essay due on the 10th (today) as well as a major 12000 word essay and exam due in 2 weeks. Urban Mummy??? 3 papers all due this week. The problem lies in the fact that Urban Mummy and stress do not mix well. They are quite the volatile pair, even more so considering she is 6 months pregnant feeling like she is 16 months pregnant.

So our busy weekend went like this...

Saturday we went to Urban Mummy's parents cottage for their 40th Anniversary party. A party which they threw for themselves, and invited no family except us. At first they advised us to basically keep Happy Boy in one place and keep his toys neat so as to not disturb the rest of the party-goers but I spoke up and said if that is the way it is going to be then we are not going. The stance was later explained to me as being uttered in error. Nice.

So up we go to the cottage, Happy Boy was without a nap and pretty cranky, and there were a lot of people we did not know, in a cottage that is far from baby-proof (Urban Mummy's mother - lets call her OC for obsessive compulsive) would rather fill the cottage with knick-knacks expecting others to gawk over them, then have the crap put away so Happy Boy would be safe. As a result we have to watch him carefully every moment he is inside, and of course being a waterfront cottage, every moment he is outside too. A LOT of work. To top things off, OC NEVER has food Urban Mummy will eat. It's like she "forgets" about what Urban Mummy likes and dislikes. This party was the same. More stress.

So we came back from the cottage Saturday night about 9:30, put Happy Boy into his crib, then came into our bedroom and... You guessed it... Homework. Bedtime for me was 2am.

Sunday morning saw a very stressed out Urban Mummy clean up sections of out house (we moved 6 months ago and have not fully unpacked - drives both of us crazy). From there, we went to the Yonge Street festival with Happy Boy and watched the performers, ate food and Urban Mummy had her Second Cup Frozen Hot Chocolate (now called a Chocolate Chiller). We bumped into our neighbour and her always happy son, and the 5 of us made our way up the street to various parts of the festival. It was hot and all Happy Boy wanted was to go "down", and then once he realized he wasn't going down, he laid back and wanted to nap.

We went home after a few hours there and I put Happy Boy and Urban Mummy for naps and went back to the warehouse sale for a couple hours. Picked up our stuff and headed back to the house. Unloaded, then waited for the babysitter (my Mom) to show up so we could go run a few more errands, one of which was buying corn at our former Dominion (we used to live 3 houses from this store) for dinner, and as soon as we walk inside, who do I spot, but Haley-O from The Cheaty Monkey. I pulled Urban Mummy aside to confirm with her this was in fact the much sought-after Haley before I said something (which I was going to anyways) but with super-hero like hearing, Haley came over to us instead. I immediately realized that she is much cuter in person than the pictures on her blog, and she is REALLY nice. Her daughter, if you have seen some of the many pics on Haley's blog is adorable too, and at just 6 months younger than my boy... Hmmmm.

I like friendly local bloggers. Now I know 3 of them.

So Urban Mummy and I ran out to do our errands, back home for BBQ dinner with a friend of hers and her son, and next thing you know it's 9pm and way past Happy Boy's bedtime. So it's off for a bath, then to the bedroom for... Yup. Homework. Worked until almost 1am. Sigh.

This week is going to be the week from hell.

Update: Fixed the HTML problem myself. Only took 2 hours. Made other small changes too. Weeeeeeeee.

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Haley-O said...

You guys are CUTER!!! ;) Thanks, SE! It was so great meeting you guys in person, and even shaking your hands. It was bizarre--like "bzzz"--when we shook hands. It was like the moment ciber turned officially to reality. ;)

I hated when that used to happen to my blog template....I always save a copy of my template--I copy and paste it into a word file. Then, if anything goes wrong, I just paste the copied template into the blogger template (make sense?).

Sounds like a crazy weekend. And, my monkey can out-eat your lil Happy Boy, it seems! 1/4 of a burger?? My monkey eats a whole one, and would probably eat more...! For now, anyway!