Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The stress that is Valentine's Day...

I know it's just one day in a year and I know that if you need to make a grand gesture on this day and not all others, you're probably in deep shit with your wife, but still... It's an important day but not for the reasons you may think. You see Valentine's day, with children, is all about showing their mother that they think of her this day and that they love her, on February 14th. Sure she needs something from her husband too, but really, a guy could go nuts and buy a ton of expensive, beautiful stuff, but that handmade card with the baby's hand print on it is what makes her day... no?

Here is my story.

My wife, UrbanMummy... according to, is a DIY mom. DIY, of course, meaning do it yourself. By definition that means the following;
She can make her own jewelry, design a room, and make a handmade gift, all while her oil painting is drying in the corner. The DIY Gal enjoys eclectic music, funky art and curious collections. She can scrapbook with the best of them and has a sense of style and taste that is uniquely her. The DIY Gal may also bring her inspiration to the kitchen where she enjoys making homemade breads, cakes and delicious dishes for her family.

Yup, that's her. So what does this site of sites (sponsored by WalMart) recommend I buy for her this wonderful Valentine's day???

Well, this... A robe, pink iPod, or a digital camera, heart pendant, heart paperweight... and the list goes on. But here is the problem, and I'm hoping UM reads this after I have given her gifts tomorrow... She has all that stuff. We just bought her a new laptop... She has enough jewellery (that may be up for debate) to go out for 2 months without repeating the same piece(s), she has a video iPod, we have a nice digital camera. She doesn't like (read: hates) dust collectors... So what to get her.

Well, how about the same as I get her every year.

A bouquet of flowers, not roses (she dislikes them), but real flowers like the ones you draw. If they have a calalily, I'll toss a few in too (her favourite flower). Dark chocolate from me, and from the kids. This woman I married almost 7 years ago LOVES her chocolate, and she's still breast-feeding so she NEEDS it.. Right dear. :) Jewellery is going to be left aside this time around because I found something I want to buy her, but I have to save up my loonies and toonies and pick it up for her birthday, in a few months instead. For dinner, I think it will be fondue. This Valentine's Day is also going to be big in the homemade cards and stuff, cause I know she loves that, and well, pretty much that is good enough reason for us to do it for her. I mean, unless I'm reading this holiday wrong, it's not about accumulating possessions, isn't that for Mother's Day, birthday's, Hanukkah / Christmas, Anniversary... Need I go on?!?

Honey, I love you.

If you hate the gift we got you, please be kind in the comments. IF you love them, please be kind in the comments...

I have a foot massage with your name on it! Just say the word!

Anyways... According to some magazine or another, this is the ultimate list.

Gift Ideas for wife
Valentine poems
Earrings, celtic jewelry
Animated valentine cards
Bracelets, necklaces
Flower bulb, wild flower
Cappuccino mugs
Fur lamps - not real fur, that's cruel.
Scented candles
Victorian jewelry, antique jewelry
Personalized romance novel
Theme gift basket, candles
Erotic perfume - as opposed to non-erotic?!? Like what? Eau du Dog Pee?
Romantic gift baskets
Marriage, intimacy, private parts
Homemade gift
Bubble bath
Fitness tapes - Yikes! What does this tell her? Honey, I think your fat...
Hawaii vacation, surf - Clearly written by a woman!
Romantic spa, bath baskets
Erotic massage oils, sensual massage oils

Gift Ideas for Mummy
Soak in the bath
Time on her own
A week's worth of precooked food
Florida vacation - without kids?!? :)
Italian food - but not Indian, or Chinese, or Ethiopian...
Boyfriend - WTF?!? This must have been a typo...
A bottle of wine
Camping trip, barbecue
Chocolate candy
Beauty treatment
Spa gift certificate
Ultimate relaxation basket
Bracelets, necklaces
Silver jewelry, celtic jewelry
Designer perfume
Old fashioned candy
Candles, candle holders
Easy meals, brownies - Cause brownies are easy meals...
Handmade gifts, handmade jewelry

So pick a few from this list and you're on your way! No thanks needed, just send money. ;)


Gabriella said...

I think I'm going to ask for the boyfriend gift. You think that would fly? hehe

Grilled Pizza said...

We want to know if she liked it now!
GP x

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

My hubby did the tulips and chocolate thing. I adore tulips, but I hate the chocolate he bought. Nuts, ick.
All I really want is his time. Some time for just him and I sans the 4 kids.
I think many women want that more than anything. oh and thoughtfulness!

Haley-O said...

Josh-O did REALLLY well.... He bought me an addiction of mine own -- my new pinkberry! ;) Which is really a gift for HIM because now I'm not nagging him to get off his....