Sunday, February 03, 2008

Another weekend screeches to a halt...

... and another super-busy week is about to begin, starting with cleaning the house so the Nanny doesn't think we are incapable of keeping the house clean on the weekends. We can't, but she doesn't need to know that. Like a friend of mine said Saturday night, he got in "trouble" from his wife for not cleaning the house for the cleaning lady. He said he wants a cleaning lady, not a tidying lady. It's so true! I know you would do it too... Don't lie. :)

So what kept us busy this weekend???

Friday night shabbot dinner seems so far away, but because of the storm that wrecked havoc in the Greater Toronto Area Friday (I was one of, less than 10 that made it into the office on Friday out of about 75), my mothersister stayed home and we ate with the kids, played, bathed and shucked them off to bed before 7:30. Whew. So far, so good.

Saturday we had after-nap plans with some friends to come to our place - was a lot of fun, we ran all the kiddies into the ground and off to sleep they went just past 8, and for the second night in a row, Linus slept in his bed almost all night. Thank goodness... His middle of the morning wake-ups were killing us.

Sunday saw another early rise, 6am, and we hung around the house both making a mess and cleaning it up. We got both kids dressed in snowpants, and took Stewie and Linus out for a tumble in the snow. First time for Stewie... He cried and cried until he realized he could eat the snow, and then he just sat there, middle of the lawn, eating a snowballs. We did, however make a giant snowman that Linus named, Aaron.

Then our friends came in from Burlington and off we walked to the in-laws for a super bowl party... Chili, wings, desserts, baked brie. Fun... Except for the BORING game. Well, most of it was boring. The ending was fun considering that UrbanMummy has a fair amount of family in the NY/NJ area and they are Giants fans, and there is a Canadian on the Giants roster (so I was told), I'm voting for the Giants. Go Giants.

What did you do???

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