Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Re-introducing the UrbanDaddy family...

First, I need to steal a great post from my wife's blog (with permission).

"For future reference, we are now referring to The Happy Boy as Linus.
The similarities are striking.

Let’s take note:
Though young, Linus is unusually smart.
Everyone likes to think their child is smart. I don’t know if my Happy Boy is unusually smart, but he does have very strong language skills (often using words like actually, & similar). He makes interesting connections, and has a fabulous memory. He hasn’t quoted philosophers or found the Great Pumpkin yet, but he is just 3!

Linus is almost never without his blue blanket.

Well, in our case, it is striped. And we don’t let it out of the house, although, if we did, believe me, it would be with him everywhere. And like Linus’ blanket, Blankie has magical powers. If The Happy Boy falls and hurts himself, blankie makes the pain feel better. If The Happy Boy is scared, Blankie makes him feel less so.

The younger one, the one formerly known as The Weed, in future to be referred to as Stewie. Yes, him:

He’s a character and a half. He’s stubborn, he’s tough and I swear he's trying to kill us. He's very on the ball, he's very bright and has been known to mutter obscenities in a British accent. No. That last bit I made up.

But this is my family. For better stories, go to visit UrbanMummy.

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