Monday, September 03, 2007

Thoughts for a beautiful Labour Day

It's 30 degrees outside and I'm inside... So hot, so tired.

UrbanMummy goes back to work tomorrow and totally blames me. I don't blame her. I did, afterall, tell her that I would have a new job that would be able to support her and I by November... November 2001. Gulp.

Opportunities like this come by very infrequently, if ever, and if you don't grab the bull by the horns it'll pass you by and you will regret it forever. The last time I thought this way was after meeting UrbanMummy for the first time on July 1, 2000. That sentiment is beginning to creep into my head again. I made the right choice 7 years ago and I'm going to make the correct choice this time around too.

We have tomatoes in the garden... purple ones and orange pear shaped ones. They are yummy. Why, though, does The Happy Boy ask me every 30 seconds if the unripe ones that I brought in the house are ready? Does he think when I tell him they need to ripen that it will happen immediately or does he just have no sense of time. Or... Does he think these damn things grow on trees??? :)

We had to cancel our potluck playdate this afternoon because the Happy Boy has a croup cough... call in the hounds.

Looks like our Nanny woes are over... Our current Nanny leaves September 15th and the new one is due to arrive on the 16th or 17th.

Tuesday, tomorrow, brings a whole new schedule for the Urban family. School starts for UM and THB, school starts for UM and for me (my LAST 2 courses, then I'll have my MBA), I need to arrange a mixer for my class and discuss promotional licensing with them, I go back to physio for a back-checkup this week, my volunteer time with the local big brothers program and the rate-payers organization begins, my job search continues and the Jewish high-holidays are coming right up and I need to up the exercise / healthy eating... Can you say 4 hours sleep again. :)

Well the kiddies are due up from nap any minute and maybe I'll run them outside again... A nice long walk to Starbucks. LOL.


Gabriella said...'re going to be a busy guy!

mighty morphing mom said...

Don't ya just love fall! Good luck on finishing up your courses.
I am all blogged out and going to start my latin ..sigh..

Urban Daddy said...

Gabriella - I certainly hope so. :)

MMM - Latin? Really? Awesome. Do tell.