Saturday, September 08, 2007

He loves his Daddy...

The baby does... He really does.

Today he blew me a kiss. A few of them actually. First time I have seen him do that. Awwww. What a cutie. He's 11 months old today. Oy Vay! Brings me back to when he was born and my disc was out and I could barely carry that little heifer. Now, thank goodness, I can carry and toss around that 24 pound frame.

I feel like he has grown up so much in the past week. He does my taxes, makes me coffee in the morning and just finished a case study on the Security Management and Manufacturers Industry. Oops, that was the Happy Boy. The Baby Boy waves, claps on commend, says something that sounds like "bottle" and like "ball". Blows kisses, shakes his head no, has given the odd kiss here and there, tries to stand on his own and has been heard saying, "no" and "clap". But what impresses me the most is that after 11 months of being beaten on by his older brother (out of love only folks), he now covers his head, turns away, and lets out a fake scream/cry whenever his brother gets too close. Nice. He's 11 months and he's playing us. Love it!

Today, at the park - which I hate going because all I end up doing is pushing the baby on the swing while the Happy Boy plays, otherwise I end up sweeping little pebbles out of the Baby's mouth and clean has face as he sneaks handfuls of sand inside - I noticed the Baby really wanted to go down in the sand so I knelt beside him ready to prevent a buffet situation and sweep for rocks when I realized he was actually playing in the sand and not eating it. Huh? My baby has grown up. Didn't eat so much as a grain of sand.

He really is growing up...


Planning his 1st birthday... Who to invite? The dilemma of inviting friends for a second child so close in age when the 2nd one really does not have any friends of his own. Sigh. Anyone have any experiences they can pass along.

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