Saturday, September 01, 2007

That was fun!!!

Today was a busy day, full of fun. I have not had this much fun in a long time.

Here's how my / our day shaped up...

Morning out to the doctor to have the boys looked over for their 3 month lube and oil, er, back to school check-up, and the boys are great. Gaining weight, developing according to schedule, just fine.

Then home - nap for the baby, then off to playgroup. There were a couple other Dads there and we ate, and played with the kids - changed a few diapers and had a blast. I've become the official burper for one of the Mom's. Nice title, eh?

Home again, naps for both kids, then off to the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) to meet my mother and sister for the evening. It turned out to be a super-fun evening full and we got home just past 11pm and the boys we awake most of the evening.

The Happy Boy went on a few rides and his face light up while on them all. He smiled, laughed, waved and even tried talking to the other riders during the adventure. He especially enjoyed the cars he got to ride in that looked like a fire truck and ambulance. He sat in the car smiling and waving until the ride started. Off shot the car as Happy Boy scrambled to grab the wheel and start steering. He steered, smiled and waved for most of the ride, except for the few minutes spent staring at the track as he tried to figure out how the ride works. He's a funny boy.

The Happy Boy also loved the motorcycles, the tour of the firestation and seeing the fire truck from the 1940's, the CN Tower and all the fabulous colours it kept turning, the spotlights from the Convention Centre, the Snowbird and dog tag given to him, all the games, lights and action, and of course spending time with his Bubi (my mother) and Aunt (my sister).

Side note: I grew up going to the EX with my grandparents and those memories will be with me forever. I felt a bit nostalgic as my son was there with his grandmother.

Side note II: In the car looking for parking I pointed out the CN Tower to the Happy Boy and told him it was the tallest of its kind in the world and goes right up into the sky. About 30 seconds later, I hear the Happy Boy say the following, "Baby Boy, that is the CN Tower, it goes up into the sky...
Awwwww. I love that.

So back to me: I won a stuffed cow on the Whap-a-Mole. I always win, but at the CNE some machines are fixed so I look for the winners machine and use it after he/she leaves. Took me two games to win.

Won a stuffed dog tossing baseballs into a panda's mouth. Cost me $10.00.

Won a blue elephant by throwing a baseball 53 MPH according to a radar gun, then telling the attandant that I was going to throw the ball 55 MPH the next time. I did, and won. Funny how that worked out.

We bumped into some old friends we lost touch with when they disappeared into the suburbs, and a co-worker. Neat!

All in all, I had an awesome time hanging out with UrbanMummy, playing games, being out on a Friday night and having two very tired kids in a stroller being quiet just looking around. It brought back memories about when we were dating, well, except for the fact that I have a bigger gut, less hair and spit-up on my shirt and shorts.

So if you are in the TO area and thinking of going down to the CNE, I say go! You wont regret it.



Laural Dawn said...

I have fond memories of going with my grandparents also.
I was going to take Matt this year, but there was too much going on. Next year, I hope!

mighty morphing mom said...

Too fun! My boys went to the exhibition with their Grandma this year, she loves to go and loves to share her memories of going as a girl and as a mommy.