Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sports thoughts...

I like that Hornswaggle is Vince McMahon's son... Makes me laugh.

The Blue Jays are so .500 it makes me sick. .500 winning percentage and 15th place in a 30 team league. Geez. I can hear the chanting now... "We're average... We're average".

Can anyone give me one good reason to vote Liberal??? Didn't think so. Besides being responsible for Ontario dropping to last in many significant categories, I find it just insane that Dalton McGuintey - Ontario's premier, keeps advertising how great he is and has to use biased people in these ads, like the current boss at the Daily Bread Food Bank where his leadership colleague worked - Gerard Kennedy - worked. And don't forget my MPP who Dalton kicked out of cabinet, but still finds no shame in running. Mike Colle, give it up... even if you do win, you've embarrassed your constituents... Go away gracefully.

Yom Kippur is coming up and I wish all my Jewish readers an easy fast... May you be enscribed in the book of life! And break fast is at our place! Woo hoo.

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