Saturday, May 26, 2007

Poor, poor Weed...

It happened. Finally. The Weed got his first tooth, follow by his second one the next day. Yay. He's going to be a cutie. Well, more of a cutie than he already is. :)

You see, The Happy Boy, would get a fever, runny nose and not eat the day before his tooth would come in. The Weed?!? Had to be different. He got the fever after his teeth came in and boy was it a doozy. He is trying to one-up The Happy Boy.

The Weed's fever peaked at 104 on Sunday and after a doctor's appointment on Monday, it was determined he has an ear infection. Poor little guy. He was hurting in the mouth and sick too. He just layed there for 2 days. Then came the rash... roseola, of sorts. All over his little body he had this rash. Now he is perking back up and smiling again. I hope UrbanMummy does not post a story about his health or sleepng again, and jinx him. LOL.

It's UrbanMummy's birthday on June 1st and I've been ready for this for almost a week. YAY. Keeping on the ball.

We have been trying to deal with potty training and the Happy Boy for a while and we have finally realized that if he runs around the house with no bottoms on, he acknowledges when he has to pee, or poo, and runs to the bathroom before there is an accident. Cool, eh? We tried feeding him, and bribing him, none of those worked. This kid even takes his pee, dumps it from the potty into the toilet, flushes the toilet and puts his potty back together after. Crazy! So this past weekend we took the kids to Dufferin Mall, into H&M, and bough him little boy boxers. He wanted red, he got red, and many other colours too. So when he gets home from school, or the park, he comes out of his diaper and into boxers. We still have the odd little pee accident, but all in all, it's really cute!

We also bought some sports stuff for the Happy Boy. He got a little baseball bat and t-ball tee, a soccer ball and net and hockey sticks with a hockey ball and a plastic puck. So for the first few days, all he wanted to do was play hockey. Bless this child!!!

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SciFi Dad said...

Yay for Happy Boy. We used "big girl" panties as an incentive... she got to pick the ones she wanted, but wearing them came with the caveat that she had to use the potty.

We just had night #1 in panties. Sounds like you're getting close!