Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Help needed from my reader(s)

I need a underachieving technology to perform a MBA study on.

Does anyone know of, or maybe have used, a tech product that just didn't seem to fit? My MBA group needs to find such a product and with the assistance of the owner of this / these product(s) we do a complete study of it and offer recommendations to the company to help the technology hopefully with a new life. All this is under the guidence of our professor who was a member of the marketin team that brought Tic Tac's to Canada.

Please reply ASAP!!



Richard Pryor said...

Bill Cosby's jello pudding pops. Can you concoct a marketing scheme to bring those back? Just the pudding pops, Cosby endorsement not neccesary. Thanks dude.

Anonymous said...

Lee Tools have a tool to "Roll the Rim" on the Tim Hortons game. See what you can do to merchandise that in the US of A

richard pryor said...

Jello pudding pops already!

How about roll up the rim on underwear?
Roll up the rim to win a rim job.

SpeakEasy said...

Richard, er may I call you Dick - I do miss those jello pudding pops. Getting in touch with Kraft, I believe and convincing them to give us all their top secret data might be a problem, plus inst Mr. Cosby banned from Canada for sexually assulting a Canadian woman while here?

Anon - I really appreciate the suggestion but I'm not sure what we could do with a product meant for a Canadian coffee company's promotion in the USA where there are no Tim Horton's? That would be like selling ice to Alaskans.

Dick again - there are no rims on underwear, and your roll up the rim suggestion should be directed to Tim Horton's headquarters. Try emailing them at suggestions@timhortons.com

Anonymous said...

Tim Hortons is in the US OF A. I am sure that merchandising the Roll the Rim Tool will get some real publicity. It would be like shaving without a razor blade. Effect is the name of the game...