Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm stressed...

Very stressed. Work, school, home... All that stuff. Really stressed. Ugh.

If you are Canadian - Stay OUT of Mexico. They don't appreciate our money. More Canadians are assulted in Mexico that any other country. Shame!

Four years ago I started a Residents Organization in my area to help build moreale, make the streets safer and get my street paved. It was in shambles... Loads of potholes. sewers backed up, the side of the street touching the curb had the brick exposed (VERY old) or had faded away. I was told by the City of Toronto's Manager of Infrastructure repair that the street was finally scheduled to undergo a "major renovation" in 2009, but our City Councillor was pushing to have it done sooner. We moved. I still walk on the street on the way to the subway. It's a mess. There is a large school on that street. So what a surprise when I walked on the street only to find that the sidewalks were ripped up and replaced on the Ssouth side of the street and they looked great! The North side was set for next week. Followed by the street.

I had a tear in my eye. Somehow I felt like the residents owed me their gratitude for taking on this issue since the streets had been in shoddy shape for decades but no one did anything about it. Part of me also says, Awww, fuck it. They would have fixed them anyways because of the school and TTC using the street.

On to the next, bigger and better community issue... Graffiti, vandelism, upgrades to the park and a street party for the summer.


Breza May said...

I wanted to thank you for your kind words on my blog. It was very helpful for me to see them.

Reading your blog makes me want to suggest a book for you: The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron.

I wish you well, and keep good spirits no matter how insane the world seems to be at time.
And thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I think your are a pretentious prick, the sad part is you don't know it but every one else does?

Urban Daddy said...

Breza - Thank you. I will look up the book.

Anonymous - Thank you for your post. Might I suggest you might need the above mentioned book too?

First of all, this is my blog, and I really have issues with someone posting negatively - nothing to do with my post - but taking a shot at me. If you had guts - you would have posted your name. You do not. I feel sorry for you, which is why I left this comment up.

Secondly, I track all my comments so I know where you posted from. Not so anonymous after all, eh?

Third, As I sit here taking care of my kids on a beautiful weekend, trying to potty train my son, keep my house clean, and do work for two graduate courses, I wonder how pathetic you must be that you have the nerve to call me pretentious. If you truly know me, and actually think that, then there must be a reason. People I like and respect, I treat like royalty!

You can fuck off.

Have a nice day.