Friday, June 01, 2007

A change will do you good...

To all my loyal readers, please take note...

I just finished an assignment on "branding" of private label products, such as Wal-Mart's 'Ol Roy dog food which has become the world's most popular dog food. Cool eh?

So what is my point???


I've been re-branded!!!

Come see the new me... the real me... sort of. My new URL is You will see lots of changes over the next couple weeks and please feel free to let me know if you like them or hate them.




here kitty, kitty... said...

ummmm Urban Daddy??? can I call you Daddy?? while bent over you knee???

ha! ummmmm let's see whatcha got Daddy???

Anonymous said...

why your name urban daddy and not big thick dick? i think sound is way much better. you sexy father.

Haley-O said...

How exciting!!! :)

Laural said...

I like this new blog. Very nice!!! And easier to remember. I'll put your link up.
Your commenters crack me up.