Tuesday, January 02, 2007

December... The Month from Hell

Oy. What a month.

To begin with, there have been no posts because me computer has been acting up on me. I have no administrator access, and cannot fix the problems without access. So my computer dies a slow death every day.

My course ended December 8th. Another "A".

We had a scrapbooking show, event on December 3rd and 4th and after doing some heavy lifting, my back and piriformis muscle went into full spasm on the 5th result in my being on flexerol (prescription muscle relaxer), tylenol 3's and Nuproxen for a long period of time that culminated December 21st when my piriformis muscle went into full shutdown resulting in me taking Valium, more tylenol 3's, a very strong anti-imflammatory, then anti-biotic for the cough that was making things worse. I left my house on the 21st with my mother and was able on the 26th to come back for a few hours to see my sick wick and sick children. While being able to stand (not straight) a little more every day, and not be exhausted, I stopped taking the valium just last night, and while still sleeping at my mother's because I'm just friggin useless here, I am starting to see some progress and was able to see The Happy Boy for his 2nd birthday on the 27th.

Basically 2006 was shit, except for the birth of our little one that doesn't like sleeping (poor UrbanMummy). It taught me a HUGE lesson about taking care of myself and those around me that I love. I really fucked it up and man am I paying the price.

I tried acupuncture for my piriformis on the 20th, just before the spasm set in and it was really weird. I'm not a needle guy and having those things sticking out of my back, ass and leg felt quite odd, but I gave it a shot. I just don't know if it caused the spasm. All I know is that the resulting sciatic pain is the worst pain I have ever felt in my entire life and I've been through many injuries with all the sports I have played. This one took the cake.

I know this was rather rambly, but I had been trying to post it for a few weeks but couldn't sit down on a chair until recently, and I'm actually standing right now as I type this.

Happy New Year to everyone.

Special greetings to the wonderful UrbanMummy who helped me push myself so I could be where i am today in file and through this illness. I'd still be hunched over if it was not for your encouragement, and by encouragement I mean yelling at me to "Stand up straight!!!".

Thank you to Shroom Monkey as the only one of my "readers" who took the time to email me remind me to post. I appreciated you thinking of me. It made me smile. I wish you an awesome 2007.

And just a note to Penelopeto that I'm going to miss reading your blog and I hope that you are able to one day continue, or amybe in this crazy city we live in, we'll get the kiddies together and say hello. You are a wonderful writer and I enjoyed reading your work.


Angela said...

The "gang" is thinking of you, everyone's like, "Poor (insert name)!" You know things aren't the same without you around.

Starbucks again, one day!!!

As always, take care of yourself and hope the family's well.

Angela said...

Oh yeah, and Daniel still calls you a prick.

Jill said...

Poor thing!! You should have ask for a new back for Christmas!!
Happy Christmas!! And Happy New Year!!
Hope you youger son(it is a boy?) will make his night very soon, for the good of your wife and you!!

Shroom-Monkey said...

awwww see, I do have a purpose!!! Good to see you back baby cakes!!!

SpeakEasy said...

Angela - "shithead" That is the name being inserted, I know. You guys miss my skilled coffee coordination and conflict management skills. If only I could get paid for those...

... and Daniel can call me a prick.

Jill - Thanks. I hope the little guy (now three months) can be as good a sleeper as the Happy boy (now 2 yrs old) was at that age. Give UrbanMummy a break.

Shroomsicle - Thanks for the motivation. My comments are coming...

ROENTGEN said...

I completely agree that whole 2006 was the year from hell. Most shitty year (with the two best months) ever.

A (late) happy, good, arousing zerozeven to Toronto.