Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

*** This Thirsday Thirteen was previously completed December 2, 2006 but not posted due to injury. It is posted now for this Thurday. Please wait to read it then. :)

Thirteen Sports Cards re-cherished by Speakeasy

1. Jim Benning & Fred Boimistruck - 2 young promising defensemen hurried along by the horrible Toronto Maple Leafs teams of the 1980's. They were the future, the hope. They bombed. But I have their rookie cards!!

2. Sidney Crosby - supposed Upper Deck Rookie cards - hopefully he will re-establish the hockey card industry and I can sell some of my older sets and pay off our mortgage.

3. Norman Aubin - Another ex-Leaf, but he has a cheesy moustache on his card and it makes me laugh.

4. Joe Reekie - Does he?

5. Jason Kidd - looks like his rookie card, #134 Topps, but I cannot find a price for it anywhere. Is it rare, or a dud?

6. A bunch of 1977 O-Pee-Chee sub-set hockey cards. 22 of them to be exact. I'm looking at Card #4, Marcel Dionne. The cards have rounded corners. Looking to see what they are worth...

7. A Parkhurst Prospect rookie card of some tall lanky kid named Chris Pronger. Rumour had it that he demanded to leave Edmonton cause his wife caught him cheating. Tsk. Tsk. Also have Darren McCarty (the bankrupt one) and a chap named Markus Naslund.

8. Dennis Rodman - For some reason I have a bunch of his basketball cards and in each one he has different colour hair. A very weird looking individual who bopped Carmen Electra. Yum.

9. Michael Jordan - his Chicago White Sox card from when he decided to take up baseball after "retiring", or being suspended from the NBA. I should have sold those babies when then had value.

10. Any cards from the Atlanta Flames, Cleveland Barons, Kansas City Scouts Colorado Rockies or any team that has folded. I look at the guys that were playing for these teams and now I understand why the team folded or moved.

11. Checklists. Those old paper checklists that I ticked off in my youth that are now worth so much money. I see them and a tear comes to my eye. What was my mother thinking.

12. Any ProSet cards. That tacky series that was so full of errors like in the spelling of guys names, etc. Those cards got good when the company corrected them along the way making the errors valuable. But them they saturated the market with their crap and now I look at those tacky cards and wonder what I could have done with the money back then.

13. All the rookie cards I put away in special protective cases for when they were worth thousands of dollars. For every "valuable" card I still manage to find in my collection, I have 1000 cards of guys like Patrick Poulin, Vesa Viitoski, Shayne Toporowski and Jiri Slegr. Geez. Why couldn't Pauli Jaks make it big... I must have 60 of his crappy card. Sorry Pauli if you read this.


Blogstrong said...

Keeping it real!!!
Old school styles!
I don't know if I can do 13, and the years are a bit hazy, but...
1) my Gary Carter rookie card
2) my Gary Carter signed born-again christian card that he sent me for my Bar's as funny a story as it sounds. I know his favorite psalm.
3) Roger Clemens 85 Topps rookie
4) Don Matingly Rookie Card (83 Topps?)
5) The Canseco 86 Donrus- I never had it, but remember people paying 40bucks for a pack at Sluggers.
6) My Score baseball card collections. I had the first 4 sets...pretty colours. Lots of fun.
7) My Retrun of the Jedi Card set.
8) I have a book of Gary Carter cards- over a hundred. I was a big fan.
9) Old issues of Beckett magazine with Mike Heath and Eric Davis on the cover. :)
10) The Billy Ripkin Flare card with F**K on the nub of the bat. Remember the outrage?

Anonymous said...

useless trivia:

Pauli Jaks was the first Swiss player in the NHL.