Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Who is the idiot?

· Me and my cheap ass payless winter boots that can’t grip the icy sidewalks, yet again this winter, or the ignorant asses who don’t clear ice and snow from the sidewalk in front of their properties allowing there to be dangerous ice all over.

· My old high-school friend who told us today during lunch that he was attacked by an elk at Jasper National Park for not running when he heard the animal hiss, or for whacking in between the eyes with a stick because it got too close to him.

· Me again for thinking that when you offer someone tickets to an event for free it’s because you want them to go, or them fir accepting the tickets by stating that they are looking forward to going, then telling you after the event that they gave them to a family member instead.

· Me for wanting to buy a replacement battery pack from our cordless phone at home, for $24.99, instead of buying the same phone brand new for $29.99.

· The guy who got on the bus with my work colleague and pestered people to talk to him, then when a young woman got scared from his talking and asked him to move - he refused - until my friend got up and demanded he move by yelling “NOW” at him, much to the delight of the entire bus.


Shroom Monkey said...

funny how that battery thing works....

and Payless sucks... polar opposite, I blame Payless for my foot funk of 94, Phoenix summers...sweaty feet, Payless shoes, you do the math...

Denguy said...

I have 170 feet of sidewalk (I live on a corner) and I keep it shovelled.
Some people have no consideration.