Friday, March 14, 2008

If I had pictures...

... or if UrbanMummy would share the pictures she takes of the kids and us, I would be able to:
  1. Change my facebook profile picture... finally.
  2. Show a picture of Linus standing beside the snow on our front lawn, and how it towers over him.
  3. Post a picture of Linus standing on the giant glacier that was our front lawn.
  4. Post a picture of Linus climbing into the tunnel I started to dig for him into the side of snow mountain that became the place he keeps his sled.
  5. Post a picture of Stewie trying to help me shoval, not with his shoval, but with my shoval.
  6. Post a video of my boys playing the keyboard and having a hell of a good time rocking out to it.
  7. Post a picture of a beautiful mummy and her gorgeous boys looking into each others eyes.
  8. Change my MSN profile picture.
  9. Change my computer wall-paper.
  10. Email pictures to my neighbour - of my neighbour - asking them to close their blinds in the dusk...
  11. I could post a picture of my 2 boys eating dinner. The older one, eating bread, rice and plain pasta (carb-boy), and the younger one eating meat, grapes and pasta only with sauce.
  12. I could post a picture of the closet we were having installed into the basement - which began over 7 months ago - still NOT finished, and ask if any local bloggers have a reliable handyman to recommend.
  13. I could post a picture of UrbanMummy sleeping at night with all the covers in the middle of the bed, then one of me in the morning with all the covers, somehow. Actually a video might prove to be more entertaining.
  14. I could post pictures of my boys with their security blankets - g-d forbid if one takes the others... That is worth biting over...
  15. I could post a picture of my smile (I've been told I have a nice smile) after tomorrow night when we come back from seeing We Will Rock You, with the tickets UrbanMummy gave me for my firthday last month.
  16. I would totally post 2 pictures of me from yesterday. One would be from 9:30pm as I paced the house frantically waiting to go play my first game of ball-hockey in 2 years at 11pm, and the other from when I finally got into bed just past 3am, looking way too exhausted and old to be playing kids games... Eh Denguy? :)
  17. I would post pictures of all the shit in the garage that we are trying to sell on craigslist and freecycle, like the small wineracks, baby toys, dresser, books, rollerblades, etc., that has been clogging up the garage all winter.
  18. The last picture I'd post would be the one I have of my family. The most precious things in my life. The four of us take quite a smiley picture whenever we can get someone to offer to snap pics of us.


Mac and Cheese said...

I would say that #13 guarantees you that UrbanMummy will never give you control of the camera.

Denguy said...

Ah, what fine memories. It would make for a nice album.

Karen MEG said...

I've stolen my hubs' camera. He had to buy a new one.