Saturday, March 22, 2008

The week that is / was...

I joined a ball hockey team to try and get into some shape other than the one I'm in right now and so far it's been just like I suspected it would be... If you hate sports, tune out right now.
I missed this teams first 2 games and in those games, they lost 8-1 and 9-0. I was told they needed defense. I play defense. Hmmm. 1st game on the team, 3-0 loss. I barely make it through 3 shifts and stagger to get off the bench for the rest. Too fucking tired. Stupid 11pm games. I'm now wondering if this comeback was a good idea... Game 2 was Good Friday night and it went MUCH better. We lost 2-1, but I made it though the game without getting tired at all. So in two games, I have not been on for a goal against, or one for, but I'm holding my own. Fun. It helped that I went for a jog twice this week. One 15 minute sleep fest and one 30 minute jog that
I had to halt because it was late, or I could have gone longer!

I love my kids. They make me laugh. Little Stewie almost made me throw up the other day. You see, when he hurts his hands or arms, he holds it up to us, grunts something and then we lean over and kiss it. He stops whining or crying and goes back to what he was doing. So what did he do??? Well I was changing his diaper and failed to see him picking his nose, so when he held out his finger and grunted at me, I instinctively kissed his finger. UGH. Came away with a wet booger on my lip. UGH UGH UGH. Told you. Pretty fucking gross, eh? Needless to say, I look at his fingers now before I kiss them.

On March 15th we went to see We Will Rock You, the gift UrbanMummy bought me for my birthday and had a great time. The music was GREAT and the play... Well... corny, but the music made it alright. I even really got into the play as it went on. Good character development.

So I put up a "no solicitors" sign on my mailbox to stop the numerous illegitimate peddlers that come to our door, and the first day it was up a kid came by selling something. I answered the door. Stood looking at him, and every time I tried to speak he talked over me. I was not listening. I pointed to the sign. He kept talking. I said, "hey, no solicitors". He kept talking. UrbanMummy came down, said "We're not interested" and she shut the door. Hmmm. Shutting the door. Nice!

The Leafs keep winning and are still not going to make the playoffs. All they are doing is missing out on a good draft pick. Stupid. I cringe when the win. So very sad.

My sources tell me we are heading into recessionary times... Interest rates are going down. Time to consider buying a bigger house!


Mac and Cheese said...

One time when my daughter was constipated (how do you like a sentence that starts off like that?), she was in pain, and she asked me to kiss her tushi better. I'm no longer big on kissing any boo boos better.

Anonymous said...

Hey the lot's empty next to the house we just bought ;)


Don Mills Diva said...

I so want to go see We Will Rock You - it looks like a blast!

Urban Daddy said...

Mac and Cheese - As a parent, I love stories that start like that. LOL. Glad it all came out in the end... Pun intended.

Gabriella - We'll keep that in mind, but I doubt I can convince UrbanMummy to move any further north than Lawrence.

DMD - GO GO GO. Run don't walk. You will enjoy it. If you like Queen, you will love the show.