Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen News Stories that have captured the attention of this UrbanDaddy...

1. Body Dumped From Car on 401 - Toronto police are questioning a woman after a bizarre attack where the body of a man who had been shot was dumped from a speeding car on Highway 401 yesterday afternoon, creating traffic mayhem. Now, news is slowly trickling out that it may not be a woman, and that the man may have been getting out as he was shot. Whatever happened, it worries a lot of people and gives a lot of wingdings some crazy ideas.

2. GM to auction off Hummer line of cars - Bout fuckin' time.

3. Kim Jong, Part 2. So some stories out of North Korea stated that their wack-job leader may have had a stroke and was in ill-health. What that means for the communist country, no one knows, but then I hear reports that this guy may have died 3 years ago and they are using body doubles that look like him to come out and wave, and they have old recordings of him they play to make it seem like he is still alive. I have but one question... Why?!? Is there no one in that whole country that can replace him? I mean if he's dead, that stiff from "Weekend at Bernie's" could do the job, no? Is this country really better with him, or the a pretend him in power? I don't know. I guess as Canadians, we kind of had that with Jean Cretien as our PM. He was there, but not really there...

4. North Korea has a massive missle launcher. So with, or without, a leader, some images from satellite's have turned up a massive missle launching base in North Korea which could be launched 4 times a year and could reach North America, I believe. I got an idea... North Korea, Iraq, Iran, the Taliban, Neo Nazi's, those chicken suicide bombers who cover their faces, and all the stupid street gangs can all go party in the mountines of Afghanistan - where Bin Laden is calling home, and all the good countries can blow the shit out of them... Make the world a better place, no?

5. The NDP lured attendees to a rally for their leader Jack Layton by misleading them into thinking that they were attending a presentation on their pensions. Nice. So the place was full there was a lot of noise and the NDP appear, on TV, that they have a ton of support. Well, forget it Jack, you will never be the PM, even if you try to make up shit about your family to impress the province of Quebec...

6. Conservatives agree to cut gas taxes. Yay. Not that I need a reason to vote conservative... Look at the options... Or lack thereof.

7. Liberal leader Dion... errr, yeah. I would vote green first. He talks and talks and talks and half the time I can't tell if he is speaking French or English. That being said, most of what he says never makes sense anyways. I would NEVER vote for him.

8. Jack Layton tells a news conference in Quebec that his Dad and brother created the first hybrid car in the 70's, in Quebec. Ummm, sure Jack... And you'll be the next PM too. See above note about never voting for a leader...

9. Credit Card companies "Sticking it to Canadians" with high fees. I'm shocked. Have they met the scumbags who set gas prices?
How can they sleep at night?!?

10. Theo Tams wins Canadian Idol... Yeah, and... I'm supposed to care? IKE is coming...

11. 9/11 - Sad, so very sad, still 7 years later.

12. A nine-year old boy was hit at a cross walk, while another 9 year old and a crossing guard with a bright orange jacket and 2 stop signs managed to just get out of the way. Why does this not strike me as being a driver who was distracted, maybe talking on their cellphone? Those are the same people who are too distracted to stop at stop signs, notice other cars around, can't change lanes properly because they can't signal... I hate these people and I want the use of hand-held cell phones in cars banned and drivers fined. Now. :)

13. Gas prices go up 13 cents overnight because... because why? Hurricane Ike is heading towards Texas, not there yet, done no damage yet, but on the way, so on speculation the gas companies all agree to raise prices...Fuckers! 13 cents?!? These assholes are the same ones who decided to cut production of barrels of oil because the price was dropping at the pumps, thereby driving up prices again. I really wish there was a way to stop using oil/gas for like a week all over the world to force these guys to compete with each other and lower prices drastically.

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