Saturday, September 06, 2008

Again, I ran...

This time I tried something a little different, I slowed down my pace, took a longer route and viola, 50 minutes later I was back at the house, having a drink from my metal water bottle, walking around the block to cool down before stretching.

I've been running for 30 minutes at least twice a week, but I found that I was running at a very fast pace and coming home completely spent. Tonight, however, I came home and was not that tired, so I am wondering if I am getting in better shape or my "run" tonight was just a glorified 50 minute walk/job.

In other news, we went down to the Ol' Spaghetti Factory tonight for dinner - the place opened August 1971, 6 months after I was born, and it doesn't look like it has changed one bit. The food was... good. The place was great for kids, and the parking wasn't even that bad. We walked around after but it was getting chilly and the neighbourhood a little less friendly so we came home.

This morning I took Stewie to his first Sportball session - Dad and Tot - which meant a lot of Dads and no one talking. I said hello to several Dads and some didn't even look at me, let alone reply. I have previously been to three Sportball sessions with Linus, yet all with Moms, and enjoyed that much more. :)

While Stewie and I were @ Sportball, UrbanMummy and Linus were trying out Karate today. Not sure he liked it. Besides the fact that when asked, he never likes anything, he thinks he is going to learn to kick and punch there. Just what we need. This morning he took UM's belt from he bath robe - he likes tying it to everything - tied it into a kind of noose, then proceeded to wrap that around his brother's neck. Joy. He was VERY unhappy when I took the belt away - not because I took it away, but because I didn't say please. OY.

Well so much for being in bed before mid-night. I have the unveiling of my Uncle's headstone tomorrow morning and ball-hockey Monday and Tuesday. Can't wait for the kids to start school on Monday. So exciting.


Mac and Cheese said...

No doubt that you are simply in better shape.

Sarah said...

The belt arond the neck must be a boy thing. My oldest will take any chance he can to get a rope/belt etc and try and throw it wround his brother's neck, saying laso baby brother. Then when I give him trouble for it he says "He was stuck mama I had to rescue him"! Where do they come up with this stuff.

Denguy said...

I never understood why parents put their kids in Karate. I really don't want my kids to learn how to punch or kick.