Friday, August 17, 2007

Mary, Mary quite contrary...

... Why does my garden grow... Without veggies???

This really disappoints me.

You see UrbanMummy and I decided to grow our plants from seed this year. We went to a seed show, picked out a fabulous selection of heirloom seeds, crazy stuff like; "Hale's Best Melon pre-1923", Coloured Carrot Mix, "Garden Peach" Tomatos, Romanesco Broccoli, Black Beauty Zucchini, Sweet Basil, Roman Chamomile from the 13th century, Vegetable Spagetti Squash from the 1890's and Chocolate Peppers, to name a few.

So all these plants made it into the ground - a week or two later than they probably should have - but once the squirrls and raccoons had their way - we were left with a pretty good selection of plants which have grown out of control... tall, full, flowering plants... but without any fruit.

We have tiny green tomatoes, nothing ripe. Tiny cucumbers, nothing ready. Tiny peppers, nothing close to ready. It's all there, but I don't know if it is going to be ready in time for the cold to come. It is mid-August afterall in Toronto and that means, its going to be getting colder soon. Oh oh. All that work, of getting the seeds planted and making sure the kids and cats didn't destroy them, then the outdoor animals, it looks like all we are going to have is this pretty garden.

A pretty empty one.

So how does my garden grow???



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Gabriella said...

the same thing happened to my mil. We both planted our veggie garden at the same time and she has lots of plants with no veggies and I'm being overtaken by veggies.