Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ramblings about nothing

First off a shout out to Josh-O, hubby of Haley-O whom I continue to brush off for coffee because of vacations, work and other events, who was telling me why their loud floral couch was sitting on their front lawn for the past few days, when the elevation shut.on our conversation… I’ll get you buddy!

Looks like the Maple Leafs traded for a player (Mark Bell) who is going to jail after the season for 6 months - yikes... I think its time for front office overhaul. JFJ has to go. Does this look a little like Mike Sirotka, anyone??? Trading for damaged goods.


The following post contains foul language.

Fucking Toys!

Fucking toys from China containing lead and other shit...

Would anyone have cared if the Canadian authorities not turned up this information? The Chinese company would have just continued shipping their toys to our children - who would have played with these toys, and once the paint chipped, played with it still, and been exposed to a potentially harmful contaminant. Grrr. So what does the president of this toy company do once he and his company's name have been exposed??? Hangs himself in the boardroom of his company... Coward.

Does this not send a STRONG message to us parents??? Buy locally! Buy wood toys. Buy smarter.

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Kristen said...

I am so with you on the lead paint thing, sick of big companies selling out our children's safety to the lowest bidder. thankfully in this latest recall we only had one item-the little Dora figures we bought to put on our 2 year olds bday cake! wtf? ugh. The Thomas wooden trains really pissed me off though, we had a number of those flippin' expensive little buggers on the recall list, and again I had used some of them on my son's birthday cake.
2 lessons, no toys on cakes, and buy smarter-I like the buy locally idea, thanks