Sunday, April 13, 2008

I need a weekend to recouperate from the weekend...

I'm in a creative baking mood, so here are a few "ingredients" from my weekend and we'll mix them all together and see what we get at the end...

  • Around 30 bloggers - most female
  • 51 storey's above Toronto
  • A Metro Mama
  • Some Mac and Cheese
  • A tired - yet refreshed looking - Redneck Mummy (no pictures being molested this time)
  • A Don Mills Diva
  • A couple Silky White Russians - YUM
  • Rain
  • Swimming
  • Just Ducky ignorant parent chaos (lady, please take your stinky feet off the train table so the children who paid to play and use the table... Grrrr.)
  • 2 cranky boys - both under the weather
  • Birthday party vomiting
  • Short naps (for the boys means no naps for Daddy)
  • Pending Passover cleaning and organizing
  • Coffee table dancing - the kids, not me... caught on video. :)
  • Stress
  • A slightly (more than slightly actually, but always great to talk to as the other Daddy blogger at the past 2 events) intoxicated Denguy
  • 2 funny bunny's (Better than 1?)
  • Assertagirl - and great gardening tips
  • An UrbanMummy and Daddy
  • Low Grade fevers
  • A Sith Lord - I am
  • Nothing to eat in the house
  • and little desire to go to work on Monday...

Mix it all together, bake at 350 for 45 minutes and what you get is...

... a pretty great weekend!

If I forgot anyone from the Panorama outing, please feel free to comment and I'll make sure you are on my blogroll for the next get-together.


Assertagirl said...

Cute post! I keep meaning to share my garden blog URL with you, so here it is:

Nice to chat about tomatoes with you!

Don Mills Diva said...

It was awesome meeting you!

Mac and Cheese said...

...and I had to think about those White Russians the whole way home! Damn you!!!! That aside, it was great seeing you guys.

The Walsh's said...

Aw - The Panorama outsing sounds like my kinda thing. Durn...Where was I?