Thursday, January 10, 2008


Both my kids have fevers tonight... Poor guys. They are now sleeping.

Found some cool jobs to apply for today. Special thanks to Laural Dawn for keeping me in the loop at her firm... Anyone else want to take a stab, my resume / CV is updated daily.

Ever heard of Tata Automotive? No? You will...They have a $2500 car coming out to market. Sure, it's probably made of paper-mache, but its $2500.

I need to increase the traffic on my blog... No, wait. No I don't. :) If you can read this, I thank you.

So now that I can actually watch TV for the first time in, like 5 years, the fucking writers go on strike. Grrrr. At least my wife found a sit com from many years ago starring Kirsten Dunst - when she was young - and it was cool. I rely on her for old sit-com material... That's her thing. :)


Grilled Pizza said...

It's good to see you back!

Haley-O said...

Awww! I hope the kiddies are feeling better now...! good luck with the job search. :)

Laural Dawn said...

Sorry the kids are/were sick. Matt had the same thing on the same day. Weird!
As for tv - have you watched American Gladiators? I bet it would be up your alley since it's wrestlingish (hello, Hulk Hogan) but if your kids are still up it's totally kid appropriate! Matt LOVES it.
It's our family show. (sad.)

Mac and Cheese said...

Is American Idol any sort of consolation prize for you? Deprivation might make it more enjoyable than usual.

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

So you are all done hey? Must feel really good.
I don't watch much tv anymore since I am always on the computer, but I can imagine it would be nice to just let your brain relax.
Hey, if you guys have any home education questions feel free to email and I would love to point you in the proper direction.
Have a great one