Monday, November 05, 2007

I’m done!

I’m tired. Not sleeping well. Stressed out.

Work stresses me out
Home stresses me out
School stresses me out
My job search stresses me out as does my work.
My “friends” stress me out and now my “work friends” stress me out.
My inability to lose weight and lack of variety in my wardrobe stress me out
My shoes stress me out.

I’m tired of being run down and not having anyone care. I’m tired of working my ass of and not having any of it acknowledged. I’m tired of being nice and thought of as an ass. If you think I’m being an ass, trust me, you’ll know. (not you... other people).

I really have no patience for this anymore.


There, I feel a little better...

What are advanced speaking skills?

And how do we know our children have them? We all think our kids are great communicators and, well, we speak their “language”, but when can we start to believe that either they speak better than average or possess above average smarts? I’m not sure what the answer to this question is. I do know that who we hear it from matters depending on who that person is or what they do for a living. For example, I’m cute! I know I am… so my mother says… see? Who it comes from...

So when family tells me that my son speaks very well, I smile, and nod. Of course he does… he’ll be 3 in 2 months and well, you’ve never really been around kids his age too often to know what an average 2, 2.5 or 3 year old should sound like. When my educator wife, tells me his language is advanced, I listen a little closer, and when a stranger in line of a grocery store tells my wife that our son speaks extremely well for an almost-3 year old, and that she teaches 3 and 4 year olds, well, I pay a little more attention… But how could he not be smart??? Look at his parents, right? His mummy is a genius and his daddy… well… he’ll be smart like his mummy. LOL.

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Anonymous said...

You should try and take some time out for yourself. It sounds like you have a very demanding work life, home life, school life and well life in general.

I hope that you are appreciated in all you do.