Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday Newsday

Is back!

In the news this Tuesday July 24th via Google News.

1) The corpse of a mummified baby has been discovered inside a Riverdale home (Toronto, Ontario). A renovator working in the home on Kintyre Avenue, in the Broadview Avenue and Queen Street area made the discovery late Tuesday night. Police said the body of the baby, estimated at about four months of age, was found inside a ceiling of second-floor bedroom wrapped in a newspaper dated from September of 1925. The mummified remains will be examined by the Centre for Forensic Sciences.Police homicide investigators are probing the incident.
Oh oh... Some 100 year old dude and his wife are gonna get their asses whooped for this one.

2) The Canadian dollar reached a 30-year high yesterday, closing at 96.36 cents (US) - up more than a cent from Monday - after Statistics Canada reported a massive 2.8-per-cent increase in retail sales in May from a month earlier.
Damn... The more we buy here, the better it's getting to shop in the States. It is kind of neat to see the dollar climbing, even if it did kill our Scrapbooking business as the majority of our customers were American and took advantage of the then awesome exchange rate. $1.00 US got them $1.30 Can.

3) The two Arab countries - Egypt and Jordan- with ties to Israel have paid an historic visit to the Jewish state to "extend the hand of peace" on behalf of their fellow Arabs.
Considering Israeli-Palestinian negotiations have not seen progress for seven years, a period in which more than 5,000 people have died in violence, the large majority of them Palestinians, and dialogue is good dialogue unless it starts with, "Find a new place to live".

4) Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan could be on her way to jail. The 21-year-old is facing a year in jail after her latest arrest on suspicion of drink-driving and possession of cocaine.
She was picked up by police, following a car chase in California, allegedly under the influence and with a small amount of cocaine in her pocket, she was arrested after chasing the mother of her personal assistant in her car early Tuesday morning, Santa Monica police said.
All this happened just five days after she was booked in connection with a May drunken driving charge. Hmmmm. Alcohol, drugs, driving under the influence... What is going to happen first: Jail, Overdose or Britney Spears OD's first? Role models??? NO WAY. The public is fascinated at watching these two half-wits self destruct in public. I'm sure Paris Hilton is happy the spotlight is off of her. I hope and pray that the earth will open up and swallow these two soon.. please. And stop buying their albums and watching their movies... please!

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here kitty, kitty... said...

that little whore needs to go to jail.... seriously I am soooo sick of these lil tramp celebrities just doing whatever they want... before they become little tragic casualties... then again gotta say I wouldn't care....